pear-shaped, light-green, fruit of a South American vine, often grown in backyards and eaten as a vegetable

Dictionary of Australian slang . 2013.

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  • choko — /ˈtʃoʊkoʊ / (say chohkoh) noun (plural chokos) 1. Also, choko vine. a perennial vine, Sechium edule, of tropical America. 2. the pear shaped green fruit of this vine, especially used as a vegetable or in jams or pie fillings. Also, US, chocho,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • choko — Australian Slang pear shaped, light green, fruit of a South American vine, often grown in backyards and eaten as a vegetable …   English dialects glossary

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  • choko — n. (pl. os) Austral. & NZ a succulent green pear shaped vegetable like a cucumber in flavour. Etymology: Braz. Ind. chocho …   Useful english dictionary

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